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Sue Russell 
Phone: 07947410394 

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For happiest clip google Pharrell Williams - Happy! Just brilliant. We should start every day with this!

1. Google Tom Hiddlestone - Hips Don't Lie

2. google ZUMBA HIGH!


4. Dance around the world - all its different genres - brilliant

5. - Morecambe and Wise!

6. Google Victoria Wood Fitness Instructor Youtube for one of the funniest sketches I've ever seen - brilliant!


8. Pause

9. ttps:// - Bailando

10 Can't Stop the Feeling Justin Timberlake

11. - Travesuras - Nicky Jam (finding a house US style!)

12. - one I use for Despacito routine!

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Email received  (19.4.15) from Carol who hasn't been for a while 'Soooo good to be back at a class! Thank you, I really enjoyed it and did get a sweat-up - I love the way the moves can all be high or low energy and I really didn't care what other people might think (well maybe just a little bit!) as I set off up the hall with my Jagger Swagger!!!!! - love it'

This comment from new  student "I enjoyed the class. Yes, the choreography was a bit tricky but at least I didn’t collapse with exhaustion after ten minutes as I suspected I might and I didn’t ache next morning! In fact I felt quite invigorated". When I asked her if it was OK to put her comments on my website, her response was a Yes and  'You could add “friendly instructor” and “welcoming class” if you wish!' Thank you Helen - hope others feel the same!

Calling all newcomers!

One of my new ladies (Itchen Abbas class) emailed me saying how different zumba is as a form of exercise to what she has previously done - the gym and running - and whilst happy to perservere, her 'feedback' comments did bring it home to me how daunting zumba can be to new people - probably why there is such a high turnover. So I have copied her email to me (thanks to Sandra for giving me permission to do this) plus the comments that I made in response to her email in the hope that others may glean reassurance (a) that its 'not just them' and (b) that there is hope!

Hi Sue, I did enjoy your Zumba class though felt a little like a fish out of water. I am so used to gym work and running etc, I found the footwork a little difficult to keep up with as I had to keep up with someone else's rhythm not my own, however, I do appreciate that practice makes perfect and a few more weeks attendance should (fingers crossed) show some improvement?Thank you and I look forward to next Monday night's class.Kind regards Sandra 

Hi Sandra

I can totally empathise with your feeling like a fish out of water. I would too – even after six years of zumbaing, put me in a class with new music/new routines, I would be exactly the same! It’s really hard to impress this on people - there is so much to take in. It is 99% about knowing the music – as I may have explained to you last night (apologies if I am repeating myself) I listen to new songs at least a dozen times before I even begin to think about choreo (a) to make the music choice – I only ever choose songs I love and some take a little more listening to than others before you realise how great they are (b) to recognise the patterns. Even then I frequently make changes if I feel the moves aren’t working. So you see it is a very complex process and I do admire and feel for people who are new to zumba – it is very different from other exercise but its great selling point is the music – and once you’re hooked that’s it! Maybe it should come with a government health warning!

So please don’t feel disheartened – you are ‘going through the process’ and its definitely worth persevering. Most great things in life are!

I am totally happy to show you the basic steps – help you with any of the more challenging routines (two new ones last night probably threw everybody!!). If you can come in a little early – I’m at Itchen Abbas from 6.15 pm on. 

Look forward to seeing you next Monday; and thank you so much for feedback – it is invaluable to me.

Best wishes


New Zumba Gold class at Longparish Jan 14th
Really enjoying it - especially the music. Just carry on doing what you are doing - it's infectious! Julia

Nov. 13 - Itchen Abbas class (thanks to Estelle)

Thanks Sue!  I really enjoyed the session last night and last Monday too.  I must admit I was expecting to ache like crazy after my first session last week and was quite surprised when I didn’t, but as you say in your email I was trying to keep up with the moves in the routines  rather than exerting myself physically.  Last night I was slightly more familiar with the routines and consequently my legs ache this morning!!

October 4 2012 (thanks to Lise)

Here is what I think about attending your zumba classes.

I started doing zumba with Sue about 2 years ago. Every Monday morning when I attend the class in South Wonston I enjoy it.

Sue is a great person, with a warm, friendly, funny and happy personality. If it hadn’t been for her  and the way she runs the class I do not know if I would still be going, as I often like to try out new sports.

What I especially like about the class is this, it is not about looking the greatest or wearing the smartest new outfit. It is about just being ourselves and  getting that bit fitter , having a laugh together and just enjoying dancing and moving our bodies to the rhythm.

With Zumba, I get to do different kinds of dance moves and listening to happy and upbeat music. What better way to start off a new week !

Why not give it a go Today !!!

 Love Lise

May 10th - last night's Bishop Sutton
Hi Sue Thank you for the great Zumba last gives me such a lift !......Even my daughter Amy seems to be hooked on it now. I have no natural rhythm, poor co-ordination and the last person you would expect to be doing this but I just love it! All down to you really. Jan

May 3rd
This one is from Dilys who has recently suffered back pain (something I think alot of us are prone too - beware gardening, running, getting out of bed (!) and just about any movement .... unless at zumba class!):

I was careful not to jump, nor do certain bends and twists.
And when I got back home my back felt better. The Zumba definitely helped! The main side effect was that I hadn't broken into a sweat, and so felt less 'exercised' after the session than usual.

Weyhill (20th):

Hi there!
 We all had a great time tonight, and we'll be back next week!! We all felt really comfortable there which is the main thing, and had such a laugh :)

 Thank you for having us, I'll keep checking the updates, and see you next week!


Thanks again for a fab Zumba session Monday, Vicky and I both enjoyed ourselves at Itchen Abbas and you are right what a lovely hall!!
So glad we have found two days in the week where if we can't make a Wednesday evening at Bishop Sutton that we can come along to Monday's at Itchen Abbas, we both hate missing our Zumba fix each week now!!See you next week
Hayley x

I am so pleased to have found a great Zumba group, with a teacher who really enjoys herself too!
Sophie, South Wonston

I had a fab time at Zumba last night at Bishops Sutton and loved the new routines, always nice to have the oldies (especially "Moves Like Jaggar"!) but good to have something new to learn to move to.

Can't wait for next Wednesday now!! Hayley

Two emails from Rachel - who started last Friday. 

I did thoroughly enjoy Friday. It was a little daunting to start with. I think you have not to be overwhelmed by the routines and just go with it to start with. As you get into it I was finding you could then break down the moves into sections and memorise them.

 I think for me its just a little different from my Fitness League classes which are very structured moves, Zumba feels to me a little more free flowing , which I am not that great at – just need to let myself go a bit. I find I do take a while to pick things up and like to watch and absorb then have a go . I think with Zumba I just need to get stuck in.

 I did come away feeling a little worn out but energised.

I will be back for more tomorrow.

 Best Wishes


 I am glad you have explained, as you say it’s a process and it takes time to absorb. You cant expect to get on a Horse and be an Olympic Show Jumper after the first session !!!. The music is invigorating and that makes you move in itself. I did even feel fitter after the first session you could feel you were getting a good workout. Beats going to the gym which is dull and boring – this is fun and I think we all respond positively  to uplifting music.

Please use any comments I have made if you would like on your website

See you tomorrow looking forward to it.

Best Wishes



I thought you had a nice balance between speed and workout and so I feel confident that I will learn them and then start to improve and get the whole benefit.

Best of all it was fun and that is the best exercise of all!!

See you next week


I had such a good time last night at Bishops Sutton and you and the other ladies made me feel very welcome, I drove home afterwards with a big smile on my face and I definately had the feel good factor along with a sense of achievement of taking the plunge to try something new and I now can't wait until next week!

Many thanks again for all your help and for a very enjoyable fun evening! :)
See you next Wednesday.

Best regards
Hayley :)

Hi Sue, another fun packed evening at the village hall.   Thank you.

See you next week.   Gerri

Thanks Sue I had fun.  I plan to come every week as thoroughly enjoyed the dancing and your passion for it really shows.


I went to a class about 6 months ago and it was really rubbish and put me off, but zumba is so popular right now  I thought I should give it another try and came to ur class, ..I just wanted to let u know that I am really enjoying the class Emma
from Fairground. (Emma is actually going on to train as an instructor so hoping to help her out - it's lovely when people return to zumba after 'bad experiences' - I hear this again and again, but glad people do give it another go, like Emma)

Thanks to Julie - East Stratton
Well ………….. it was the best ever – keep to that speed and I will loose that stone!

J x

Thank you to Emily, new to zumba, from Monday night class at Itchen Abbas, who has just sent me this:

Hello Sue,

I found this week a lot better and really enjoyed coming! I felt as though I worked harder this week as I was able to pick up on the routines! I think Zumba is great and have recommended it to others!




Thanks to Gerri - Itchen Abbas - for this:

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to next week.


Thanks to Gail for following:

I really enjoyed the class, as you say the 1st week I took it v gently, concentrating on the steps, this week I threw a bit more into it and had a good workout. It's just great having an excuse to dance to good music & shake all those wobbly bits!
Kind regards

Thanks to Alison for the following: 
I could identify with everything you said ... 
So long as other people don't have a problem with me prancing about in the wrong direction, I would like to come along again.   
(I have assured her that 'prancing around in the wrong direction' never held me back!)


Hi Sue

I did enjoy it, and I certainly came out sweating!

I found many of the steps familiar as I have done a lot

of aerobics in the past, but I didn’t feel that it was such a strict

way of exercising.

I loved the music and I imagine that once the routines become more

familiar it must be like dancing in a disco for an hour!



Lady Gaga – in Itchen Abbas? (Review in Itchen Abbas Village Link magazine - thank you Vernon!)

I kid you not.  Every Friday morning at about 10 o’clock, anyone walking near the village hall will hear the strains of the aforementioned girl singing Born this way wafting through the air.  Inside, if you dared to look, you would find an interesting assortment of people waving hands and arms in the air whilst moving deftly across the floor.

Sue Russell (pic)

This is Zumba, the latest craze to reach the village.  OK, so what was the last craze?  Maybe boules in 1999?  Having now attended three sessions, I can truly say it grows on you.  The first morning was somewhat slow and disconnected as Sue Russell, the teacher, demonstrated the moves to a class of novices.  But allow a couple of weeks to pass and the participants had got into the swing of things and we danced our way through almost twice as many tracks as in the first week.

So what exactly is Zumba?  Basically a series of movements that are choreographed to various “pop” songs, some from the charts and some written specially for Zumba.  The moves involve arms, hands and everything else between them and the feet.  It helps to have previously done some dancing (or you might just end up looking at your feet all morning) but as everyone is concentrating so hard on what they are doing, it really doesn’t matter if you get it wrong.  Nobody notices you.  There are no mirrors in Itchen Abbas village hall so you can’t ever see yourself prancing around but it does help if you have a neck like an owl and can swivel your head through 360 degrees to keep an eye on the instructor.

And does it help you keep fit?  Zumba certainly reminded me that I had muscles I didn’t know existed and I warmed up considerably during the course of the class.  But it’s basically easy exercising to music although your brain needs to be in gear to remember and reproduce the routines. 

If you’re interested, come along either Friday at 10 am or Monday at 6.30 pm for an hour of fun.  No pre-booking needed.

Vernon Tottle

Funny Moments!

I've just decided to add this section on 'Funny Moments' because there are just so many of them! Here they are. Enjoy!

Most recent first!

This was actually last week, when I was visiting one of my local 'care homes' specialising in Dementia. I love these sessions - music has its own language and communicates directly to all of us, at whatever stage in life we are. But there are times when things become 'quite challenging' and this was one of them!

1. One lady was not 'taken' with my music and articulated this fairly clearly to the rest of the group! Amidst an increasingly loud range of 'Turn it off' 'Leave me alone' type comments, there was the additional 'challenge' of a number of others telling her (again, none too quietly) to 'Shut up'!

2. Said lady fell silent but then got up and started moving towards me. Next thing I knew I was being 'marched out of the room' into the corridor outside, and if this lady had had her way, into a nearby room! Unfortunately whilst I was being 'dragged' out of the room, the carer in charge had her back turned to me and was oblivious to my plight! I waved goodbye to everyone and sent a quick prayer up that my 'kidnapper' would release her iron grip on my arm so allowing me to return to room of rather bemused 'students'. Fortunately my prayer was answered and, after assuring the lady in question that I really didn't think 'that room' that we were heading towards was 'safe' and that we would be safer back with the others, she suddenly changed her mind and walked me back into class again!

Comic Relief Week - well, there had to be some funny moments, of course!

Maddie (my 14 year old daughter)'s reaction to my 'going out outfit' Monday night - red hair, Comic Relief t.shirt, red tutu, red leggings, red shoes and (from Xmas!) red and white striped knee length socks - worn over red leggings. Her words 'What do you look like? I knew you were weird but this takes it to another level. Don't ever tell me to grow up!' - delivered in the most withering of tones!

Actually, it's been just a little worrying so far that, far from shocking class members - my appearance in above outfits has caused little or no surprise. I guess everyone is just used to me looking weird!

Heard something very funny today. We always have a laugh at the Longparish Zumba Gold class - maybe its because its a slightly smaller hall than most I go in but I manage to talk to everybody, before during and after class alot more perhaps than my other classes. Anyway, today I was chatting to Julie afterwards, about how everyone was coping with routines, and apparently one of the ladies had said 'Oh I don't worry. If I keep going long enough with the same movement, I know she'll come back to it eventually!' Brilliant quote!

Another Longparish comment:  Krissy's comment about how lucky David was to have such an attractive harem! This following my handing out a dozen 'belly dance skirts' at the beginning of Cumbia Arabe (David did incidentally choose to decline the bright pink one he was offered!)

Itchen Abbas. La Suavecita nearly came to an untimely finish when I spied a large brown creature, hiding under the curtains, just in front of me. On closer inspection (I wonder how many in lines behind me 'got down' to take a look! Another great 'caught on camera' moment that would have been!) it turned out to be not a large brown rodent/rat but a large brown .... plastic dinosaur, left by one of my Penguins (kids from Montessouri Nursery)!
One other funny moment - this was South Wonston am class on Monday. It was first time I'd tried out new Pegate number and I finished it with a great flourish .... only to hear the music continuing!! Oops! Back to the drawing board with that one (spent rest of class trying to work out which bit I'd missed out - so much for not minding when you go wrong! Still, beats doing number all over again - this was what one folk musician, Pete McCathy, used to do if he went wrong. He's get to the end and say, 'Hmm, bit in the middle wasn't quite right' and so repeat whole song! Not a practice I'd personally recommend (given my track record!) Actually, at Zumba Convention 2011, I remember saying how I loved it when Beto went wrong! I do actually think that its the moments I go wrong that people in class enjoy the most!

Feb 7 2016 - approached by 'sweet little thing in pink dress' at Zumbatomic Party for group of 4 year olds. Bent forward to have 'nice chat' and prompty got kicked in the shins!! What do they say about never working with children or animals?!

Feb 12 2016 - was in one of my old people homes yesterday and on asking the group to guess what next song was (did a very neat charade to Raindrops keep Falling on My Head), lady with dementia sitting on my left pipes up with ….  ‘Suicide’!!! To which I replied, ‘Er, not quite …’ and fortunately everyone fell about laughing! Course, it could have gone the other way, you never know!