Class Times

Two live classes, Mondays 10am and Tuesdays 9.30am (see below)

Mondays 10 am at Age Concern Hall, Chandlers Ford (behind Coop – park down at the bottom or in Waitrose car park) 9.50 registration if possible.

Tuesday Sept 8th - earlier time of 9.30am at Studio 1, Hiltingbury Sports. Please try and get there for 9.20 so I have everyone registered before we go in for 9.30.

NB For the two classes a week (Monday and Tuesday) you must book with me in advance so that I can implement social distancing on the dance floor.

Zoom Zumba will resume in October but on a pay up front basis - everyone who takes part pays £20 (4 x £5) in advance.

REASSURANCE! Classes will continue as usual (not for just 6 at a time!)

Reassurance re: classes going ahead

Hi Everyone

There will be a lot of people confused by the latest government guidelines – due to their misleading and confusing nature, causing a lot of grief which none of us need at the moment. (Sorry, I am so angry at the way things are being handled by ‘the powers that be’ ….!!!). So please let me reassure you – having myself been thrown into total panic.

I have just spoken at great length with the guy in charge of Hiltingbury Sports Centre – and the ‘group of 6’ ruling does not, I repeat, NOT, apply to classes within the sports venue which is officially COVID secure. As those of you who have visited will know, every single precaution that can be taken, has been and you could not ask for a safer environment. If, like me, you were confused/worried about the wonderful clarity of the latest government proclamation, then go to the website of the official governing body, Sports England, and read what they have to say there – I’m not making this up just to save my own ‘only just recently partially revived livelihood’! I hope this isn’t coming over as a rant but, had I not gone straight to an authoritative source, I would be like those other instructors on social media, throwing their hands up in despair as, obviously, 6 in a class barely covers overheads.

This is a direct quote from the aforementioned Sports England website: People can also continue to use leisure facilities, including gyms and pools - classes within these venues can continue as they are now. People should not go to these venues socially in groups of more than six.

As this ‘group of 6’ ruling is predominantly social, I would ask you all to keep the social distancing outside of the venue – i.e at Hiltingbury.

As for Monday’s class, I haven’t felt the need to leave you all outside prior to commencement of class – this week you all came in and socially distanced inside and I see no reason to change that. I get there early and get the floor set up for this social distancing .. but if you’d rather wait outside, that is absolutely fine – whatever you’re comfortable with.

I hope that has set people’s minds at rest. *I have a string of links to different sites – Sports England and government ones – if you need further reassurance. They basically all say, as long as stringent government-recognised safety precautions have been complied with – as is the case at both Monday and Tuesday venues – then all is good.

So, see you Monday and Tuesday for an hour of much needed light relief!!



I am taking a rain check on zoom classes (normally Wednesdays at 2.30pm) - none for rest of September ... and beyond if I don't get a few more signing up (4 week pre-payment booking system)

Leaving in following just in case claasses resume in the future.

Time: May 11, 2020 02:30 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 843 4681 8847
Password: 144978

I have copied ZOOM instructions for you to follow below:


To participate you will need to download the app 'ZOOM'. On a device with a camera, either a phone, tablet or laptop. 

Once you've have downloaded the app to your device, you'll then be ready to join a meeting/online class and the following will display on the screen. You'll need to click to join the meeting:

 STEP 3:
You'll then be prompted for a meeting code and password, and I will email this code to you prior to the start of your class - I'm hoping this will be the morning of the day of class, depending how far in advance you book your class.

When you join the meeting (online class), you will need to enable the sound and video on your device. Each device is slightly different, but with a Windows Laptop, IPhone and IPad, you will be asked if you want to join with computer audio, and you need to click this option.

You will be able to join your class 10 minutes before the start time, so we can have a little welcome chat and get you up and running properly, then you will need to mute your device (accessed via the microphone icon on the bottom of your Zoom video screen), so that you can only hear me and the music and not the other participants.

You will be visible to me, as this is needed for insurance purposes, as I need to be able to see what you are doing, to make sure you are not at risk of injury. I will be the largest tile on your screen, and you have the option to just see you and me or the option to see all the other participants, but these will be in small boxes around the screen. This option will be in the settings visible on your screen.

Donations by BACS great - details as follows:

Name: Susan Helen Russell

Sort Code: 40-46-39

Account No: 62019396

zumba is far more enjoyable (and a far better work out) once you are familiar with the music and the routines. I try and stress this to beginners but too often I think people leave thinking either 'Help! I can't master 14 plus routines .... ever!' Or with the sense that they haven't pushed themselves physically - which is difficult to do if you are watching/trying to follow someone else's choreography. The only way you will 'up the level of exertion' is by becoming familiar with the music and moves - and then you can go for it! Sounds obvious but I think it needs reinforcing - so that people appreciate the benefit of coming regularly and committing themselves.

Again, although I stress that everyone and anyone can do zumba - there is definitely no age, fitness, ability barrier - it is a lot more enjoyable when you become familiar with the music and the routines so I really would say - Come to as many as you can! Always pleased to see you!