Class Times

October Classes

Halloween classes week begin 25th October- feel free to fly in on your broomstick! We're going onto the Castle Pub in Sandown after the  Thursday class - I'm guessing they'll feel quite happy to accomodate a few extra ghouls!

XMAS PARTY - Saturday 4th December at Channel View Hotel, Shanklin. Just need everyone's £5 deposits for this.

Also hoping to hold a Christmas Reunion on the mainland - all my old classes. This will be the following weekend, Saturday 11th at the Holiday Inn, Winchester.

Wednesday 7pm Zumba *(medium impact) Brading Town Hall, High Street (by bull!) PO36 ODG (£5 Pay up front or £6 on the night)

Thursday 7pm Zumba  (medium impact) Sandown Methodist Church 8 York Road, Sandown PO36 8ET (£5 Pay up front or £6 on the night)

*System of Payment (see copied email below)

There is a dual system of payment, giving you the choice between paying up front or paying on the night.

If you choose the pay up front option, you can either bring cash; or pay by BACS before the next class using bank details below:

Account Name: S.R. Publishing Ltd

Sort Code: 40-46-39

Acc No 12005115

Other options:

Pay Monthly (Sept £5 x 5 = £25; October £5 x 4 = £20; November £5 x 4 = £20; December £5 x 3 = £15)


Half Termly – First half: £45; Second half: £35


Termly @ £80


Per class @ £6

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you all for helping me ‘get back on my feet again’ – literally. Going from 10 classes a week pre-COVID to none has been HORRIBLE and I am so enjoying picking up the reins again.  I had wondered whether it would be possible to ‘start all over again’ following my move to the Island in Feb this year and you lovely people have really helped me through this potentially difficult transition period; and made me feel a definite, Yes I can!


Hi Everyone

Two sneak previews of what’s new to playlist: – Usher (featuring Pitbull) – DJ Got us Falling in Love again – this is in prep to crazy Scream number that’s on Halloween playlist – only most tenuous of links, mind! – Beautiful Monster – Neyo – another favourite!

So, I have to share the following with you all! I went to The Story of Guitar Heroes at the Shanklin Theatre Friday night and was absolutely blown away! So much so, that there was no way I could go home to me Horlicks and slippers (?!) at home, afterwards (got to meet band as well after show, photos on my facebook) – so apologies to anyone ‘forced to their feet’ in nearby bar but when music takes over your body … one really can’t be held responsible for ones actions, right?!

Anyway, it got me thinking about ‘socials’ which I have mentioned briefly before (Halloween drink after class at Castle Inn; and of course Christmas ‘do’ – anyone got any ideas? I have always combined food and dancing – enjoyed so many great nights in the past – mixture of hotels, golf clubs and pubs.)

I have just booked tickets for the following at Shanklin Theatre:

  1. Lucid Oct 9
  2. Jenny Éclair Sixty! Oct 30
  3. Whitney Houston Nov 2
  4. Possibly Tina Turner Nov 13 (that’s not the title, I’m just not sure whether I’m going!)
  5. Floyd tribute Nov 19
  6. Focus (remember them?) Nov 22

After last night’s experience I just thought I have to get back into enjoying live music again – apart from Zumba classes, of course! So, if you fancy coming along to any of the above, let me know and we can meet in the bar – though you’ll have to get your own tickets (I won’t tell you how much above came to! Gonna be dragging people in off the streets, for my classes, in future, to cover it!)

Can’t believe this weather – hope you’re all staying safe and dry!

See you next week



Zoom classes on an ad hoc, as and when basis - I post these here and send out emails to my regular attendees.

Meeting ID: 843 4681 8847

Password: 144978

I have copied ZOOM instructions for you to follow below:


To participate you will need to download the app 'ZOOM'. On a device with a camera, either a phone, tablet or laptop. 

Once you've have downloaded the app to your device, you'll then be ready to join a meeting/online class and the following will display on the screen. You'll need to click to join the meeting:

 STEP 3:
You'll then be prompted for a meeting code and password, and I will email this code to you prior to the start of your class - I'm hoping this will be the morning of the day of class, depending how far in advance you book your class.

When you join the meeting (online class), you will need to enable the sound and video on your device. Each device is slightly different, but with a Windows Laptop, IPhone and IPad, you will be asked if you want to join with computer audio, and you need to click this option.

You will be able to join your class 10 minutes before the start time, so we can have a little welcome chat and get you up and running properly, then you will need to mute your device (accessed via the microphone icon on the bottom of your Zoom video screen), so that you can only hear me and the music and not the other participants.

You will be visible to me, as this is needed for insurance purposes, as I need to be able to see what you are doing, to make sure you are not at risk of injury. I will be the largest tile on your screen, and you have the option to just see you and me or the option to see all the other participants, but these will be in small boxes around the screen. This option will be in the settings visible on your screen.

zumba is far more enjoyable (and a far better work out) once you are familiar with the music and the routines. I try and stress this to beginners but too often I think people leave thinking either 'Help! I can't master 14 plus routines .... ever!' Or with the sense that they haven't pushed themselves physically - which is difficult to do if you are watching/trying to follow someone else's choreography. The only way you will 'up the level of exertion' is by becoming familiar with the music and moves - and then you can go for it! Sounds obvious but I think it needs reinforcing - so that people appreciate the benefit of coming regularly and committing themselves.

Again, although I stress that everyone and anyone can do zumba - there is definitely no age, fitness, ability barrier - it is a lot more enjoyable when you become familiar with the music and the routines so I really would say - Come to as many as you can! Always pleased to see you!