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March 17th

Hi! My name’s Daisy Doodle, very nice to meet you even if it is through this rather strange thing – Zumbatomic!

(Just in case anybody is wondering where rest of the blog has gone, I decided to resrict 'viewing to day or two at a time - whole thing from one and a half years ago considered a bit much)

January 21st 2014

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! The following is the last entry I made on this blog, please note the date!*

October 20 2013

What a week! England through to the World Cup - yes, I managed to stay away from the remote this time. Having put it well beyond my reach i.e. posterior, Sue now has onerous task of finding it again - remote, that is - not my posterior!

*I cannot believe just how far behind I've fallen with this here blog! Anyone would think I have a life! Seriously, how do these other bloggers stay on top of it? I mean, my days are more than amply filled with .. getting comfy on the sofa, keeping Bob fit on my walks, reminding the Russells that yes, I too do need feeding occasionally - on the odd occasion it seems to slip their mind - punctuality at meal times is NOT a Russell forte - I mean, just take a look at their eating habits - all over the place - sometimes Sue forgets her meals altogether - which is why I guess she has that mega bag of jelly babies stashed away in her room - no good trying to hide anything from me, my nose sees to that .. if you see what i mean.. ok so I'm burbling again. On with the meat - I wish!

So, what has been going on since i last put pen to paper - figuratively speaking of course - imagine the trouble I'd have ... quick paws for thought  - sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Well, there was XMAS. And still is, judging by what I saw Sue prancing around in this morning. Has nobody told her the time for being sparkly and silly is OVER?! Apparently not. No wonder Maddie always has to remind her to 'BEHAVE!' whenever she has friends over - which is more than can be said for one particular teenager ... the very same ... Maddie. What is it with teenagers and sleepovers? What do they not understand about the word 'sleepover'? More like 'up all night-over'. Course Sue falls for it every time. 'Now this time I don't want to hear anybody after midnight'. Is she for real? Has she simply no idea of how the teenage brain or whatever it is that comes to play during the early hours of the morning, is all about? It certainly doesn't feature a word like sleep. 

so what did we have last Friday night?

12pm: GO TO SLEEP!




Only not quite in those terms - I'm not going to repeat the last one I heard at 3! Unsuitable even for adults reading, I imagine.

Anyway, got a little side tracked here. I was saying something about Sue prancing around in sparklies. Praps I need to give a little explanation.

The 'sparklies' arrived in a couple of packages this morning - postman obviously having no idea what he was delivering or he might just have paid a little more attention to its recipient. So, what were these sparklies, I hear you asking? Hmm, now how can i describe them?

Well, they're called 'belly dance skirts' if that helps. Bright (more like lurid) colours, with lots of tinkly things hanging off - look like coins? But why would you feel the need to show off your cash like this? Isn't that what purses are for?

22nd Jan

Wahoo! Second consecutive day of blog – doing well!

A little concerned of late at the number of times Maddie going out to Jim. Gotta say I’m just a little surprised at how readily – nay, enthusiastically, Sue seems for her to go to see this Jim. I mean, does she know the first thing about him? Is it right for Maddie to have such ‘sessions’ as she refers to them, at least twice a week? I’ll keep you posted. I personally think it will end in tears.

24th Jan

OK so us cockerpoos can't always get it right. Fraid I was barking up the wrong tree - anyone ever heard a more ridiculous expression in all their life? I mean, what is the right tree, for goodness sake? Speaking from 2 years experience - YES, its MY BIRTHDAY today!... I find any tree equally acceptable. 

Back to what I was trying to say - before the tree distraction thing. It turns out Jim is not a boy ... but a thing! That is, a Gym! G.Y.M. Somewhere to go/get fit. Confusing or what? Sounds deadly boring - working out on various daft pieces of machinery.  What's wrong with a walk? Or.... dare I say it, that zumba thing? At least you're moving all parts of your body to good music (that's earnt me a few brownie points/doggie bones for the future I hope - Sue always reads this). 


oops slipping up again... but hey, I have a life! Well, I did have. Latest nightmare development in my otherwise reasonably sane tranquil life is .. threats of having to wear a fluorescent coat! No, in case you're wondering, I'm not becoming a Zumba instructor - though apparently Sue did suggest Zumba for Dogs at Upham last week. Her 6pm class is followed by a 7pm Doggie Class so Sue has started playing Hound Dog as one of her final numbers - .... well, she thought it was funny - have to say, I think 'Who let the dogs out' .. make that 'in' would be a better choice. Anyway, when she suggested Zumba for Dogs, ... well, let's just say the lady in charge did not leap at the offer. Course, Sue prudently pointed out she was joking - but then made the mistake of mentioning me, a Cockerpoo ... and that was when conversation took a definite downward pitch. Silly Sue. When will she learn to think before she speaks? This lady's class are Crufts material - and one really shouldn't taint the air with so much as a sniff of a cross breed! Course, I don't have any problems with being 'a cross breed' - I regard myself as the best of two worlds - Cocker spaniels and poodles - la creme de la creme. 

Anyway, back to that fluorescent coat. Apparently I was responsible for almost finishing Sue's career .... at anything! Well, how was I to know she'd venture out onto the landing in the dead of night - when I was lying there. I am rather well camoflauged in such instances being black ... and ... well, I'm guessing you've guessed what happened. Course it wasn't that pleasant for me - being kicked in the ribs. Not the kind of thing you expect ... in Winchester. Well, Sue seemed more upset that her trip had nearly resulted in a full body speedy flight down the stairs ... so it has been suggested i wear something luminous. Ridiculous suggestion - no doubt this unfortunate incident will blow over. Most of them do in the Russell household, I've learnt.