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St. Barnabas

On arrival at last night’s 8pm class at St. Barnabas, I walked into hall – to find it full of martial art men.. and women. Worst initial fear of double booking happily discarded – as group happy to go into alternative hall round the back. However, as they moved on they left behind … BOB!

And Bob is? Body Opponent Bag! Namely a male torso .. with the grumpiest expression on his face ever! Course, you can’t entirely blame ‘him’ – if you’d had continuous punches hurled at your chest by people in white jackets .. well, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be in best of moods either.

Had a long chat with Choi Dwang Do chap afterwards – that wasn’t his name, but the name of the Martial Art for Life group he works with. 

Anyway, he’s promised I can borrow Bob next time I go in – as I so wanted a photo of Bob in a tinkly skirt – with me!… and the rest of the class if they so wish!